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Mindprint’s assessment analyzes each child’s strengths and weaknesses on the underlying skills required to process and remember new information. This analysis drives links to specific instruction and supplementary resources for each learner. Cognitive assessments have been the most reliable way to understand how a child learns, as opposed to what they know, for over a century. We enable educators to reap the benefits of the latest research on early intervention, metacognition, and neuroscience to help all students learn more successfully.
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Mindprint Learning
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Our Mission is to foster the advancement of professional and peer tutoring, support research into best practices and standards for all tutors, support tutor training, advocate for tutor certification, and uphold the NTA Code of Ethics. As such we are not a private tutorial agency and we do not accept students for tutorial study. The NTA is not a sanctioning or arbitration agency.
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Our Project Work Help services for students help them to learn new concepts and content and develop competencies that are essential for future learning.
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TPP specializes is marketing plan development, operations support, business coaching and tutor training. We are a full service tutoring business consulting firm.
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